CC1 Reloaded

Canary Wharf1

Ten years back a student from a small town joined an Engineering college in Karaikudi. Within few weeks after his admission he was ragged, slapped and asked to cry by his senior. After three months, the senior realized his mistake and asked sorry. But the junior gave a wonderful answer “Sir I have forgiven you the same day for your sins because I know those mistakes are committed out of ignorance”

Any guess. Who they are ?

No.. Im not the junior. Infact I am the senior. During my Engineering life which made 90% of my character, I am slightly famous for ragging, slightly more famous for wrong reasons among professors, little more famous as a Sports man who can represent CECRI in 6 out of 8 games we participate and really famous as the general Captain of my College during my final year.

Fellow toastmasters and guests. This is the same Ignorant Saravanan giving my CC1.

My native is Trichy. I have a total experience of 5 years and working with Infosys from Jan 2011. I did my Engineering in CECRI, Karaikudi and MBA in IMT Ghaziabad.

My father works for a Cement factory in Ariyalur. Even though he is 55 years old now he feels young at heart.  He is doing his final semester of EEE engineering course with Anna University. Also, He is the oldest student ever registered for Part time Engineering with Anna University.

My mother always has only one worry, her sons’ health. Other things are immaterial. She calls me every day to ensure  I had proper food and my health is fine. What sometimes irritates me is I need to list down the menu & alternatives I had and also I need to rate the quality of the food.

My only younger brother also works here in Infosys. Few things are common between us. Except one, He thinks “why  my brother is not at all saving any money for his future” and I think “Why my brother is saving all his money for the unknown future”

Apart from my career my interest area is only one. Sports and Games. I always love to get recognized for my on field performance. I would call myself “Aaruva Kolaru”- in games. I tried many sports throughout my career. Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton.

Here comes the saddest part of my life. Still Single L Had one big love story … that too one side. And many short stories.

But I am sure God is playing games with me…

During my engineering days.. there were only 6 girls in our batch. During my experience at BALCO in Chattisgarh for an area of 5 Square Km you cannot see a single girl. Even after I reached Infosys he continued his games…Every girl I interacted in Infosys is either committed or married. In Chennai, our BP team is the only team in Infosys Mcity which has no girls. Even during train journeys to my native , my coach will be the only coach without girls.  Every car pool I join is full of guys. Finally now I started trying through Bharat and….. I know God will give a happy ending for his games soon.

As per a Rajni saying in Baasha “ Nallavangala aandavan sodhipan aana Kaividamaataan”

My dreams for life kept changing during every phase of my life.

Presently my dream is to get settled in Trichy and start my own venture with more than one Businesses running in parallel. You may be thinking why Business suddenly? This has been in my mind for more than 2 years

Why Business: During one of my yearly appraisal my Manager told me few good things and few areas for improvements. Even though I am not convinced I could not reply anything to him…. I started thinking when I will Stop hearing to others, let them hear me. Only when I stand on my own.

Why more than one business: My efficiency decreases if I do a single job for long time.

I am confident this will happen a day soon….

Over to TMOD


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