Five questions to Kejriwal

ImageI have 10 question to Kejriwal.. Sir, take your time and tell me I am coming to your house at 1 a.m tomorrow. We all are aware you dont have any work and dont want to take any responsibilities.

1. What is exact date and time you have became mentally unstable ?

2. Sir, 1st you asked questions to Congress to become CM of Delhi….then (Answer from 1st answer) on that date you became mentally unstable and resigned from CM of Delhi just because they started asking you questions ..

Now, you are asking questions to Modi to become PM of India… how can I trust you now ?

Tomorrow, when you become PM, you may again resign for some reasons…and there are chances you may say ” I have 16 questions to US president Mr. Barrack Obama ” and will try to gate crash white House

3. Have you solved all the problems of Delhi in 49 days ? Is Delhi now corruption free ? Economically and socially developed ? Why are you shifting your focus from Delhi ? 

4. Why suddenly you are interested in Gujarat. There is UP very close to Delhi which has lot of issue.. dont you have any questions to Akilesh ?

5. In the last two years how many times you asked questions to PM of India Mr. Manmohan..on national issues ? why are you so much interested in just a PM candidate ?


Baasha and Modern Girl

ImageBaasha Rajni (Auto Driver) to Modern Pregnat Girl : ” Naa prasavathuku ilavasamaa vaarenmaa un pillaiku oru PERUM vachum thaaremma” ( Free for pregnant ladies and I can select a suitable name for your child)

Modern Girl : Baasha Saar, Kaasu venumnaa vaangikinga. I need to keep my Ex- Boy friend name.. Your account is only Rs.100, his account is more than Rs. 2,00,000.

5 reasons why an IT employee don’t need an MBA

ImageLet’s start with a simple question, why do you need an MBA? .By now you would have memorized the 2 paragraphs that you have written on every application form. If you want to do an MBA for any of the following 5 reasons, let’s get into details. After all “The devil is in the details”

  1. “ I want to earn more than 10 LPA” –

a)      What if your placement year is similar to the situation which B-Schools faced in 2009? In 2009, even IIMs were not able to place their students. b)       CTC 10 LPA including all unbelievable & unachievable targets actually amounts to 8 LPA. If you continue working with current employer for 2 more years and jump with a hike you will be somewhere near to it.  c)       Don’t underestimate your investment in terms of fees and opportunity cost for 2 years. I know few Mgt Gurus paying their Educational loan for more than 10 years.

2.“ I want an IIM or some B-School brand for my life “-

a)      Once there were only 5 IIMs, now 12 and may be 20 tomorrow. There is no life time brand even for IIMs. b)      After certain years of experience only your skills and achievements will speak for yourselves

3.I cannot tolerate this IT sector any more I want to enter into any other sector

a)      I am sure that MBA would not give a relief. 70% of sales roles combined with some financial analyst roles are not cake walk when compared to IT industry. b)      There is high probability you may end up in a sector which is not the one what you were aiming to enter. May be again to IT. c)       Have you tried changing sectors now? I feel MBA route is not the shortest.

4.I want to start my own venture –

a)      Go and learn more about the specifics of your industry and start. MBA education is not about it b)      If you say “I need to think about the industry during my MBA “, you are going to be late.

5.I am a Manager material with proven leadership qualities

a)      Good, you have those qualities. Develop those in places where leaders are needed.  b)      You cannot improve your leadership qualities amongst self-proclaimed leaders in B-Schools c)        Beware and aware of the fact, B-School is a place where ‘Pebbles are polished and Diamonds are dimmed’

But in spite of knowing these details even before doing an MBA, the ‘logical decision making’ MBA aspirants will go ahead with their MBA plans, as I did few years back.

CC1 Reloaded

Canary Wharf1

Ten years back a student from a small town joined an Engineering college in Karaikudi. Within few weeks after his admission he was ragged, slapped and asked to cry by his senior. After three months, the senior realized his mistake and asked sorry. But the junior gave a wonderful answer “Sir I have forgiven you the same day for your sins because I know those mistakes are committed out of ignorance”

Any guess. Who they are ?

No.. Im not the junior. Infact I am the senior. During my Engineering life which made 90% of my character, I am slightly famous for ragging, slightly more famous for wrong reasons among professors, little more famous as a Sports man who can represent CECRI in 6 out of 8 games we participate and really famous as the general Captain of my College during my final year.

Fellow toastmasters and guests. This is the same Ignorant Saravanan giving my CC1.

My native is Trichy. I have a total experience of 5 years and working with Infosys from Jan 2011. I did my Engineering in CECRI, Karaikudi and MBA in IMT Ghaziabad.

My father works for a Cement factory in Ariyalur. Even though he is 55 years old now he feels young at heart.  He is doing his final semester of EEE engineering course with Anna University. Also, He is the oldest student ever registered for Part time Engineering with Anna University.

My mother always has only one worry, her sons’ health. Other things are immaterial. She calls me every day to ensure  I had proper food and my health is fine. What sometimes irritates me is I need to list down the menu & alternatives I had and also I need to rate the quality of the food.

My only younger brother also works here in Infosys. Few things are common between us. Except one, He thinks “why  my brother is not at all saving any money for his future” and I think “Why my brother is saving all his money for the unknown future”

Apart from my career my interest area is only one. Sports and Games. I always love to get recognized for my on field performance. I would call myself “Aaruva Kolaru”- in games. I tried many sports throughout my career. Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton.

Here comes the saddest part of my life. Still Single L Had one big love story … that too one side. And many short stories.

But I am sure God is playing games with me…

During my engineering days.. there were only 6 girls in our batch. During my experience at BALCO in Chattisgarh for an area of 5 Square Km you cannot see a single girl. Even after I reached Infosys he continued his games…Every girl I interacted in Infosys is either committed or married. In Chennai, our BP team is the only team in Infosys Mcity which has no girls. Even during train journeys to my native , my coach will be the only coach without girls.  Every car pool I join is full of guys. Finally now I started trying through Bharat and….. I know God will give a happy ending for his games soon.

As per a Rajni saying in Baasha “ Nallavangala aandavan sodhipan aana Kaividamaataan”

My dreams for life kept changing during every phase of my life.

Presently my dream is to get settled in Trichy and start my own venture with more than one Businesses running in parallel. You may be thinking why Business suddenly? This has been in my mind for more than 2 years

Why Business: During one of my yearly appraisal my Manager told me few good things and few areas for improvements. Even though I am not convinced I could not reply anything to him…. I started thinking when I will Stop hearing to others, let them hear me. Only when I stand on my own.

Why more than one business: My efficiency decreases if I do a single job for long time.

I am confident this will happen a day soon….

Over to TMOD

Peranmai review


Peraanmai is a good idea -( dono copied or own) but a not a good execution..

 Ravi really did a lot of home work for this movie I think… his shape tells him as an Army person.. good improvement in acting too..still Ravi is Ravi .The 2nd half of the movie is really different when compared to the movies which are releasing nowadays…infact,we should appreciate these kind of attempts..
Ravi with the help of 5 School girls coming for Camp in a Forest Military Academy averts a master plan by a Foreign Agency …1st half will be of no use to any one in this country .. such a boring stuff…
One bus full of girls reach the campus ..ok… now Ravi is a strict officer ..he can not tolerate even a little misbehavior ..said. But after that point those 5 girls(later his companions) torture him to heights.. but our hero now is not strict… he was asked to be very strict only in the 1st scene. 1st half fully the things happen to pass the 45 min and ultimately those 5 girls who are his big time enemies are chosen by Ravi to go for Forest Training.. Some body explain me if u understood this scene…
The action starts after they find a Foreigner in the forest .. Ravi who knows every thing from Forest routes , ultra modern Equipments , and forest military processes execute the mission with the help of those girls… At least I enjoyed the 2nd half. Some academic part which involves Tribal people’s suffering are of little use… Ravi himself a tribal guy is a big time victim of Casteism ..this comes very often in the movie..
I will leave it to u… see u


Aadukalam2 (1)While two days back I saw a movie which was completely a masala movie (Siruthai) and with great comedy. Yesterday evening, I saw one of the best classical movie of Tamil cinemas came in the recent past. No masala stuff !!!

This movie is must must watch for all tamil movie followers. The movie gets better and better from the moment it starts. Subject, screenplay and performance from actors ..all were brilliant. The story beuatifully tells the ego fight between a clan of Rooster (Seva Sendai )figthters. Vetrimaran and Dhanush combination has given a better result than Polladavan, which was also a good action movie.

Dhanush, (Karupu) have done well and he has gone past all his past performances. Music was big plus for the movie with 3 good songs and good background music. In the 2nd half the movie will take you inside the story and till climax that momentum is maintained.

Plus : Screenplay , Music

Rating : 4.5 out of 5